Lethbridge Minute: Upcoming Elections, Service Cuts, and a Double Park Disaster

Lethbridge Minute: Upcoming Elections, Service Cuts, and a Double Park Disaster


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  • Despite how notoriously volatile the air travel industry is (even without a pandemic), the City has doubled down with taxpayer money on yet another risky venture by voting to keep Lethbridge Airport under city management. It will certainly be interesting to see how this experiment with the public credit card goes.

  • The City has responded to the lack of maintenance at Legacy Park by taking zero accountability and saying much of the problem stems from the park's original creation in 2018. This is interesting given it was, of course, the City who approved the park’s original design, and cut the Parks budget by $500,000 earlier this year (instead of cutting double and triple pensions). 

  • Supposedly due to a lack of consultation with off-leash dog owners, Council has given the go-ahead for a 900%+ increase in the budget for a park upgrade. That's right, original estimates put the cost of the Peenaquim disc golf course at just $8,000, but once Council added a $30,000 fence and threw in a paved parking lot at $45,000, boom! Leave it to Council to turn what should've been an $8,000 job into an $80,000-some-odd disaster. Now that's value for money!




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