Lethbridge Minute: More Spending, More Restrictions, and a COVID Performance Survey

Lethbridge Minute: More Spending, More Restrictions, and a COVID Performance Survey


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • There's a bit of a different schedule at City Hall this week, with a single meeting of the Economic Standing Policy Committee scheduled to last from Monday 9:30 am all the way through to sometime on Friday.

  • The City will be receiving presentations and submissions throughout the week from various City Managers and City departments regarding Capital Improvement projects. One interesting presentation will seek to add $70,000 to an existing $1.7 million school field development project.

  • The City will also receive presentations on possible fire station relocation options, a proposed $650,000 12-court pickleball facility at Galt Gardens, and discuss adding nearly $5.5 million a year to operate a new Performing Arts Center that is yet to be built. While many small businesses are closing their doors for good, is this really the best time to be breaking out the City's credit card?


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • Despite what you might have heard, Lethbridgians should be anticipating an 0.41% tax hike for 2021 when they receive their bills. For once, however, this isn't City Council's fault. The City portion of the property tax is being frozen, but the Province's Education portion of the bill is going up by 1.59%, while the Green Acres Foundation portion is going up by 4.87%. While we're pleased with the City's freeze for 2021, they'll have to get more serious about controlling spending if they plan to provide another freeze next year, when it's no longer an election year!

  • The provincial government announced further restrictions to stop the spread of COVID including all grades at home, limiting further capacity at retail stores, reducing the capacity of funerals, outdoor gatherings, and worship services and, again, closing personal services and indoor dining at restaurants.

  • The City launched a survey seeking the input of Lethbridgians, asking how the City has handled the COVID-19 pandemic so far. What do you think? How has the City done? You can answer the survey here until Friday but let us know your thoughts too, by replying to this email!




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