Lethbridge Minute: Enforcement Blitz, Invasive Fish, and Tent City Cleanup

Lethbridge Minute: Enforcement Blitz, Invasive Fish, and Tent City Cleanup


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • A series of three Economic Standing Policy Committee meetings are scheduled for this week and next week to discuss the 2023-2026 operating budget. Two of the meetings will take place this week, on Tuesday at 8:30 am and on Thursday at the same time. Unfortunately, the budget discussions will be held in-camera.

  • Invasive goldfish and koi are a problem in the city - they end up in local waterways and storm ponds and cause issues for the native species and habitat. The City is tackling the problem through education and an interesting event - Goldfish Derby Days. Anglers with fishing licenses were invited to fish out the invasive species at Firelight Pond.

  • The City is also inviting residents who have grading and sloping experience to come on out to Pave Your Own Pothole over the weekend. Just kidding, sorry, this isn't a real event, but maybe it should be, to help get potholes under control?


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • After flashing yellow for more than a decade, the traffic light on 43rd Street and 6th Avenue South finally became active. We'd like to congratulate the City on writing the final chapter of its soon-to-be-best-selling book "The Art of Traffic Light Zen - How to Slow Down and Enjoy the Experience”, coming July 2032.

  • The City of Lethbridge began what Mayor Blaine Hyggen called a “compassionate cleanup” of the tent camps at Civic Centre. Hyggen also said that transitional and supportive housing is the only way to deal with encampments in the long term. He intends to bring forward an official motion to explore ways the City can provide resources without becoming a burden to the taxpayers at the July 26th City Council meeting.

  • It was a particularly bad week for violent crime in our city, but you will be pleased to hear that the Lethbridge Police Service focused their attention where it really mattered - on a traffic enforcement blitz coinciding with Street Machine Weekend. A total of 115 violation tickets were issued to motorists, the majority for “stunting and equipment violations”. We’re left wondering whether the blitz was more of a money-making venture than a way to increase public safety?




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