Lethbridge Minute: Coulee Cleanup, Police Analytics, and a Chinook Hospital Donation

Lethbridge Minute: Coulee Cleanup, Police Analytics, and a Chinook Hospital Donation


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • The Assets and Infrastructure Standing Policy Committee will meet on Thursday at 1:30 pm. The Committee will receive a presentation from Environment Lethbridge regarding the organization’s 2022-2023 activities. Among those activities, according to the report, were partnerships with 83 organizations at the local, provincial, and federal levels, and hosting 27 workshops and events with 906 attendees. The Committee will also receive a presentation on cycling lanes and a submission regarding joint use agreements for indoor court and multipurpose spaces.

  • The University of Lethbridge is seeking community input for its new strategic plan, which will include a renewal of the institution’s Academic Plan, Research Plan, and People Plan. A survey is available online for those who wish to provide feedback.

  • The annual Coulee Cleanup is underway and will continue until May 31st. Residents are encouraged to register online and join efforts to remove litter and debris from the river valley. The cleanup aims to enhance the overall health and appearance of the ecosystem, supporting various species like plants, mammals, birds, insects, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. Participation is free, and participants can view designated cleanup areas on a virtual map.


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • The City celebrated Earth Day by highlighting some data from the curbside organics collection program. The program, now one year old, diverted nearly six million kilograms of organic waste from landfills, averaging 175 kilograms per household. The City also distributed over 56,000 kilograms of free compost to residents and saw only a small percentage of people initially refusing the green cart, with many changing their minds later. With a target to divert 50% of waste by 2030, the City is focusing on encouraging more food scrap diversion and improving collection efficiency, especially with weekly collections starting soon and ongoing efforts to include apartments and condominiums in the program.

  • The Hebrew Congregation of Lethbridge donated $218,490 to the Chinook Regional Hospital Foundation, stemming from the sale of their synagogue, with a portion going to other charitable organizations as well. This significant contribution enabled the CRH Foundation to purchase essential medical equipment, including a specialized microscope for eye procedures and other equipment for optometry, speech and language, and emergency care.

  • Members of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce were briefed on how analytics, specifically a program called CompStat, are aiding the Lethbridge Police Service in combating crime. CompStat focuses on quick info, fast resource deployment, effective tactics, and ongoing follow-ups. It targets prolific offenders, areas with many calls, and crime hotspots. Offenders get a Crime Severity Index (CSI) score based on their crimes, helping police identify repeat offenders. LPS says they have been successful in targeting top offenders, and that 1% of those offenders are responsible for about 8% of all the crime in Lethbridge.




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