Lethbridge Minute: Brier Success, Enhanced Mediation, and Utility Box Wraps

Lethbridge Minute: Brier Success, Enhanced Mediation, and Utility Box Wraps


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • There are two meetings scheduled at City Hall this week, starting with a meeting of the Economic Standing Policy Committee on Wednesday at 1:30 pm. At this meeting, Council will receive a presentation from the City Treasurer on the 2023-2026 budget process and a presentation from the City’s Indigenous Relations Advisor updating them on a benefits-driven procurement strategy. To close out this meeting, Council will be in-camera, so there’s not much we can say, other than that the items being discussed relate to the Broadband Pilot Project and a COVID-19 relief request.

  • On Thursday, there will be a meeting of the Cultural and Social Standing Policy Committee at 1:30 pm. At this meeting, Council will receive a presentation from the General Stewart Legion Branch No. 4 on the Salute our Veterans Project, an administrative response to the Legion Veterans Banner Project, and a presentation from Robin James, the Chief Administrative Officer of the Lethbridge Housing Authority, on housing and homelessness in the city.

  • With the strike officially entering into its 5th week, both the University of Lethbridge and the Faculty Association have entered into "enhanced mediation". The move is a visible step forward as neither the university nor the Faculty Association have met in weeks. Students, on the other hand, are still left in the dark as to what to expect for the remainder of the semester. It does leave us wondering though, if an agreement can’t be reached during "enhanced mediation", what’s next? Super Mediation?


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • The 2022 Tim Hortons Brier wrapped up men’s national curling action on Sunday. It was the first time the event was held in Lethbridge and organizers are calling it a success for the Enmax Centre, the tournament, and for the City of Lethbridge. The City put up $1 million for the event. Did Council get it right this time around? Let us know if you think this was money well spent.

  • Premier Jason Kenney announced $64 million in new funding for EMS services as part of the 2022 budget. The additional resources have many communities in Southern Alberta, including Lethbridge and Fort Macleod, hopeful the monies will go a long way to improve the less-than-adequate service experienced recently.

  • City Council tasked City Administration with the job of investigating the costs and processes involved in establishing a vinyl box utility wrap program here in Lethbridge. Although the program may assist in making Lethbridge’s utility boxes more interesting, colourful, and maybe even fun, why use tax money to do this? Would it not be wiser to partner with an ad agency and let residents pay to advertise on them? Or have volunteers create art at no cost to taxpayers?




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