Councillor Survey Question 10

While the concept of a secret ballot is essential, many of our supporters have told us that they’d like to know the political alignment of their candidates. So, if - and only if - you feel comfortable saying so, who are you voting for for Mayor and why, and if you are affiliated with any provincial or federal political parties, which ones and why?

Rajko Dodic:

Party politics has no role in Municipal Politics. Unfortunately, we have a Federal and Provincial system of Government where governing party members walk in lock step with their leader. Very rarely do you see an elected official break with their leader. On a municipal Council, you would not want a group to vote as a bloc or slate on issues but rather vote their own conscience on each and every issue irrespective of what their position may be if they are involved with a particular Provincial or Federal party that has a particular view on the issue in question. So in specific reply to the question: I have no particular affiliation with any party. I vote for the person, not the party both Federally and Provincially and thus, from time to time, I have voted for different parties. My vote for Mayor will remain private; I won't even tell my wife.


Nick Paladino:

I prefer not to declare who I’m voting for at this point. And I am absolutely not affiliated with any provincial or federal political party.


Bill Ginther:

I’ll be voting for Blaine Hyggen has he has the best handle of civic administration and has the heart needed to do the job. I’m not affiliated with any political party m, federal or provincial.


Mark Campbell:

The great part about being in municipal government is that there are no political ties. We have to work with any party that is in government provincially or federally. I don’t align myself with any particular party. And I won’ reveal who I’m voting for but whoever gets in and if I’m re-elected I will look forward to working with that person.


Ryan Wolfe:



Kelti Baird:

I have already voted for my choices for the Municipal election, and in order to not sway votes I will not say here who I voted for, but as a progressive woman seeking office it should be fairly evident who may have attracted my vote. I am not affiliated with any provincial or federal political parties and have never held a membership to any political party. I also don't vote along party lines, and vote for my representatives based on the individuals running in my riding, and not their party affiliation. I dislike the party system and believe we cannot achieve true democracy under our current party system. I'm in favour of abolishing political parties at both the provincial and federal level, which is why I also believe party politics has absolutely no place in City Council chambers.


Tim VanderBeek:

I believe that people should pick the candidate they best feel could do the job and not be influenced by another political figure. So, I will not say whom I will be voting for. I have never belonged to any political party.


Ryan Lepko:

I am a believer in smaller government is better government. So whatever political affiliation box that puts me in, you can put me in that box then.


Davey Wiggers:

To the first part of the question, I will not answer. Not for any reason of allegiance, but if I am fortunate enough to be elected, I will need to work with the Mayor, whomever that may be. I don’t see potentially poisoning that relationship before it ever begins, being helpful. To the second part of the question. One of my volunteer roles is the VP Policy for the UCP for Lethbridge West. Why? Because I’m a policy geek. The core values that I hold, I contributed by sculpting them into the new party’s founding policy documents. Call it wanting to leave a legacy for my children. That if my grandchildren are ever asked what I did for society, they can be proud to say that their grandfather stood up for what he believed in. My Mother’s Father was an active member of the communist party back in the old country. I never knew him, he passed months before I was born. I was told that besides being a master carpenter, he was a great man, who stood up for what he believed in. That is more important than anywhere you might find yourself on the political spectrum. Far too much is made of political allegiances. The dangers it imposes on municipal politics is one of the reasons that Lethbridge City Council abandoned party politics in council elections sometime after WWII. If elected to council, I will represent based on my strengths, for everyone. The strength first and foremost among them, is my ability & drive to study all facets of an issue, before passing judgment.


Dale Leier:

This is a question I am happy to address. I have already voted and my choice for Mayor was easy: Blaine Hyggen. From the very beginning I recognized that Lethbridge has taken a few wrong turns. Now that we have crossed the threshold of 100,000 population, we have reached a turning point. The old ways of thinking that have brought us this far will no longer work if we wish to keep moving forward. This is exactly the right time for a new Captain at the helm. When many of my friends, family and local business suggested I consider running for council, I found that many were impressed with Blaine’s willingness to stand up for his principles even if it meant bucking the trend. As a result, I took a closer look at his candidacy for Mayor and reached out to see if we could work together. To my great relief, I was pleased to see that while we agreed on 90% of the issues, we could maturely and respectfully debate and discuss the other 10%. The reason for this easiness is because of mutual respect. Blaine listens and he cares not only about what you think but why. After considering the other Mayoral candidates, all of whom have their strengths, there is no doubt in my mind Blaine is the Captain we need in these difficult times. I am not affiliated with any political party at the Federal or Provincial level at this time. None have the right mix of policies and personalities that would make me comfortable supporting. Personally, I tend to lean to the right on fiscal issues and to the left on social issues, being fairly judiciousness as appropriate.


Belinda Crowson:

As with so many residents, I watch all of the forums carefully, track the promises made by the six mayoral candidates and am determining for myself which mayor has both the experience for the job, best understands the role and has the personality to help lead this community forward. Just was you no doubt are, for each candidate I am asking several questions: Who will truly represent this entire community? Who will be able to effectively and professionally ensure all diverse opinions are heard and respected? Who will bring the balance that the position needs? Once I can answer these questions to my own satisfaction, then I will know who I want to vote for as mayor. I have never had a membership in any provincial or federal political party. Indeed, one of the things I most appreciate about municipal politics is the lack of parties and the lack of need to follow a party line but to instead make the best possible decisions based on the data for the greatest number of Lethbridge residents. I have signed the AUMA Keep Politics Local pledge and think we need to work to keep provincial and federal politics, and political parties, out of municipal politics


Harold Pereverseff

I am voting for Blaine Hyggen for Mayor. I am a Conservative.


Shelby MacLeod:

My political alignment is good governance and strong policy vision as your candidates. Sorry I will not divulge who I am voting for for Mayor, secret ballot privilege. I am not affiliated with any provincial or federal political party, as I am a proponent of good governance not a party stance. All decisions must work for the taxpayer of Lethbridge and not any party allegiance. My vote will based on information, data, and logic.


Jenn Schmidt-Rempel:

You are correct, the ballot is a secret. If you elect me to City Council, I need to be able to work openly and effectively with all of Council for the betterment of our city. Naming names here doesn’t get any of us off to a good start! The great thing about elections is that campaigns are an expression of ideas, and it’s up to you, the voter, to vote for those ideas. You need to vote for the people you believe will do the best job representing the broad views our community.


Darcy Logan:

I am not a member of any party; I would love other candidates to disclose this as well. I also do not believe it is ethical for me, as a running candidate, to publicly endorse any municipal candidates. Let their records and platforms speak for themselves. That being said, I am concerned with the distasteful seepage of provincial partisan politics into this election, and the lack of transparency around it. For decades, under the other parties on both sides of the political spectrum, local politics was predominately non-partisan. The Kenney government altered legislation to change this. I will say this: there is real gravity to our municipal election on October 18. We may be tasked with choosing between a reactionary & regressive future, or one that champions for progress & positive change. Whether or not I am one of your preferred candidates, please use care and discernment at the polling station. Choose to heal divisions instead of driving wedges. Push for building bridges, rather than supporting partitions. Let's Love Lethbridge and forge a future we can be proud of. Let's encourage hard work & optimism.


Robin Walker:

In all honesty I am as yet undecided on the mayoral candidate I will be voting for. I believe we need a Mayor that will work with all Council members to achieve a vision of Lethbridge that serves all its residents, and that does not fuel divisiveness or continuation of the social issues that seem to have become worse over the previous term instead of better. I am not affiliated with any provincial or federal political parties and in the past I have voted for conservative, liberal, ndp, and green party candidates depending on what issues I thought were important during each election and which candidates I thought would best represent our community provincially and federally.

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