Lethbridge Minute: Wildfire Assistance, Tourism Initiatives, and Organics Building Operational

Lethbridge Minute: Wildfire Assistance, Tourism Initiatives, and Organics Building Operational


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • On Tuesday, there will be a meeting of City Council. The meeting begins with a closed session at 12:30 pm and opens up to the public at 1:30 pm. During the meeting, Mayor Blaine Hyggen will move for the City of Lethbridge to second the City of Edmonton's Alberta Municipalities motion to scale up the Clean Energy Improvement Program. Council will also discuss harmonization of Schools and Playground Zones, and Administration will provide a presentation on the 2023 Encampment Strategy.

  • The Economic Standing Policy Committee will meet on Wednesday at 1:30 pm. The Committee will receive two presentations - the Opportunity Lethbridge 2022 Annual Report & Lethbridge Land Work plan and another from the Rocky Mountain Turf Club regarding Indian Relay Racing. The latter asks about what support the City may be able to provide in order to make Lethbridge the “Home of Indian Relay Racing”.

  • On Thursday, at 1:30 pm, there will be a meeting of the Cultural and Social Standing Policy Committee. There will be four presentations, two regarding the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, one detailing the Green Acres Foundation 2022 Report to the Community, and another regarding an application to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s Housing Accelerator Fund.


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • Mayor Blaine Hyggen helped to celebrate the grand opening of the City’s new Organics Processing Facility. Located at the Waste & Recycling Centre, the facility will receive and process green cart materials from both residential and commercial collection programs. It takes around 44 days for the material to turn into compost, which can either be sold or used in the City’s parks and gardens. Following a tour of the building, Hyggen activated one of the machines, marking the official commencement of operations.

  • To help with ongoing wildfires in Alberta, Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services deployed a team of four firefighters to Brazeau County, where the Buck Creek Fire is threatening the town of Drayton Valley. Lethbridge is also helping to shelter evacuees who were forced to flee their homes on account of the fires.

  • Four new tourism initiatives aimed at promoting Lethbridge and surrounding areas were announced. The Discover Lethbridge Initiative will offer virtual reality tours and a 3D map of Lethbridge and southern Alberta. The tool will also offer push notifications from local businesses and attractions. In addition, VisitLethbridge.com will be promoting a local chuckwagon driver at the Calgary Stampede, and two hockey tournaments will be held in Lethbridge.




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