Lethbridge Minute: Restrictions Lifted, Playground Spending, and a Physician Shortage Update

Lethbridge Minute: Restrictions Lifted, Playground Spending, and a Physician Shortage Update


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • The week at City Hall begins with a City Council meeting on Tuesday at 1:30 pm. Council will receive submissions from the Civic Works Standing Policy Committee regarding a reduction to street sweeping and snow and ice removal services. On Thursday, there will be a meeting of the Governance Standing Policy Committee at 1:30 pm. The Committee will receive the results of the 2022 Community Survey which explored citizens’ opinions towards local issues, their quality of life, municipal services, and City priorities. The draft report shows that social concerns like homelessness top the list of issues most important to Lethbridgians, while transportation is a close second. Overall perceptions of quality of life are positive but down from previous years.

  • On Friday, there will be a meeting of the Advocacy Advisory Committee at 9:00 am. The Committee will receive a verbal submission from the Intergovernmental & Advocacy Advisor on the current shortage of nurses and paramedics in the city. The meeting closes with several in-camera reports.

  • The City is inviting residents to come out and enjoy the three-day ‘Lighting Up Festival Square’ kickoff party. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held on Wednesday at 11:00 am followed by celebrations that include entertainment and a beer garden. The $1.71 million Festival Square was funded through the Government of Alberta’s Provincial Municipal Stimulus Program.


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • The City of Lethbridge decided to mirror the Province’s decision and lifted all remaining pandemic restrictions as of 12:00 am on June 15th. The decision means that proof of vaccination will no longer be required for City employees, and masks will no longer be required on public transit. The decision comes as the provincial government shifts towards a policy of accepting COVID-19 as a continued presence in our lives and something we simply need to work around.

  • The City announced a new play space in Galt Gardens, right in the heart of downtown Lethbridge. The City said the play space will go a long way toward increasing the vibrancy and vitality of downtown. The space will be funded using $500,000 in provincial and federal resources. Some have expressed concerns about safety in Galt Gardens, particularly around drug use and needles, but the City says they are not going to increase security to deal with the potential hazards to visitors.

  • On Friday, Alberta Health Services provided an update on local efforts to attract more physicians to the area. In the initial round of hiring, a total of 25 individuals were interviewed and 11 new physicians stated their intent to practice in the city. AHS says one of those applicants could begin practicing as soon as September, with the other physicians set to get to work by the end of the year.




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