Lethbridge Minute: Municipal Development, Capital Investment, and COVID Continues Declining

Lethbridge Minute: Municipal Development, Capital Investment, and COVID Continues Declining


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This Week In Lethbridge:


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • Council passed the Second Reading of its new Municipal Development Plan with much of the discussion focused on "Policy 60", which says the City will "support potential options for owners to convert existing motels and hotels, by exploring the concentration of these uses and the implications of supporting their conversion to residential uses (including, but not limited to, supportive or affordable housing) in relevant Area Redevelopment Plans." The plan will now go to a Public Hearing, for public input.

  • After five days of deliberations two weeks ago, Lethbridge City Council will wait at least two more weeks before making any final decisions on the amended Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Budget. So, if you have any concerns with some of the City's numerous multimillion-dollar projects, now is the time to reach out to your Councillors and Mayor and make your voices heard.

  • Active COVID cases continued to trend downward in our City and across the South Zone. There are currently 281 active cases in Lethbridge - 103 in West Lethbridge, 103 in North Lethbridge, and 74 in South Lethbridge.




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