Lethbridge Minute: Goldfish Mitigation, Policing Survey, and the Land Use Bylaw

Lethbridge Minute: Goldfish Mitigation, Policing Survey, and the Land Use Bylaw


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This Week In Lethbridge:

  • After a summer hiatus, City Council will return to Chambers on Tuesday to hold a Special Meeting at 1:30 pm. The entire meeting will be devoted to a land use bylaw amendment for the vacant land at 416 Stafford Drive North. The land is currently owned by the Alberta Social Housing Corporation, and there are plans to build 30 supportive housing units, as well as a medical clinic and pharmacy.

  • Lethbridgians might get a call from IPSOS over the next couple of weeks, asking questions pertaining to the Lethbridge Police Service. The goal is to evaluate the overall performance of LPS, citizen satisfaction, perceptions regarding safety, and to identify recommendations for improvement. The results of the survey will be used to inform the annual 2024 Policing Plan.

  • There will be no through traffic between 122 and 163 Emineglen Road until September 15th while the City dives head first into goldfish mitigation at Chinook Lake. Water levels will be lowered and a chemical called rotenone will be applied to eradicate the fish population. This will also take place at Firelight Pond and Elma Groves Pond. Let’s just hope this isn’t just another fishy solution to flounder our tax dollars…


Last Week In Lethbridge:

  • The City of Lethbridge has begun a multi-year project to renew its land use bylaw. Created in 1986, the bylaw has never been through a complete renewal, despite updates over the years. The aim of the $1.2 million project is to make the bylaw more user-friendly, and to make it easier to build the kinds of things that residents want to see. The City says that there will be multiple opportunities to provide feedback as the project progresses. The first phase of the project focuses on community health and wellbeing, and residents are being asked to complete a survey about transitional housing, emergency shelters, social services, supportive housing, and partnering with other levels of government. The survey is available online, and more information about the project can be found on the City’s website.

  • The City announced changes to the public transit system. The westside ATB Centre Station has been renamed to Crossings Station, while Southridge and Paradise Canyon, which previously had no bus service, will now have on-demand service. Route 51 Red Crow will now travel along Jerry Potts Boulevard, Metis Trail, and Garry Drive, and stop #13357, on Red Crow Boulevard and Salish Place, will be closed.

  • The Lethbridge and District Exhibition's Agri-Food Hub and Trade Centre opened its 268,000-square-foot venue for its first-ever major event - the 2023 Whoop-Up Days. While the venue had its official grand opening on August 10th, the annual event showcased the venue - after 20 years of planning - to residents and visitors alike. Whoop-Up Days had excellent attendance this year, and vendors selling their wares at the marketplace were pleased with the new, modern facility.




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